Investment Services & Capital Markets Programs

CenterState Bank recognizes that community financial institutions need access to the same balance sheet and portfolio management expertise employed by the larger institutions.  Our team of over 45 dedicated professionals will provide that expertise and serve as your conduit to the capital markets, assisting banks in managing day-to-day balance sheet needs both efficiently and competitively.


Our suite of Investment services and Capital Markets programs include:

Portfolio Strategies

Our Investments team helps financial institutions develop and execute effective investments strategies that simultaneously meet balance sheet needs, improve earnings and minimize risk.  Because we are in constant contact with the financial markets, our Investments professionals are fully aware of current trends and are able to offer a broad range of strategies.


We employ seasoned salespeople who know banking, not just investment portfolio management, and work diligently to understand your bank’s strategy, matching the perfect funding or investment products with your unique needs.  We also have on staff a Director of Research and Strategy, who is dedicated to providing a more structured approach in assisting with bond portfolios.


Understanding that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, we do not position large amounts of inventory.  We believe you should invest in specific securities that meet your individual banks’ needs and therefore, we do not employ a ‘bond of the day’ approach to investing.

Bond Accounting and Safekeeping Services

Our highly automated Bond Accounting and Safekeeping services are designed to simplify the investment back office function of a community bank.  Reports are web accessible and our integrated infrastructure eliminates the need to notify different departments of investment activity.  CenterState Bank’s knowledgeable staff is focused on providing an exceptional level of service intended to exceed our clients’ expectations.


CenterState Bank utilizes its Insight platform, which offers customers the ultimate combination of automation and flexibility.  Insight’s Safekeeping functionality is fully integrated with trade processing and investment portfolio management.  This highly automated infrastructure efficiently manages delivery of payables, receivables and pledging details.


Our Bond Accounting services offer an extensive selection of reports providing details on accounting, performance management and regulatory compliance.  We provide a complete SSAE 16 review to document the adequacy of our technology platform as well as surrounding operation controls. 

Asset/Liability Services

Working with hundreds of banks today, our Asset/Liability consultants provide the knowledge and experience to help your bank better understand and manage the interest rate risk embedded in your balance sheet. 


CenterState is proud to offer two reporting models for service bureau reporting:

  • Institutions that desire simplified yet comprehensive risk analysis can utilize Plansmith’s call-report driven Bankers GPS model.
  • For those that require more robust capabilities, including balance sheet strategies and what-if scenarios, the FICast A/L model is available.

Treasury Services

CenterState Bank offers a wide variety of treasury services to ensure that short and long-term balance sheet needs are met:

  • Federal Funds Sweep Account
  • Brokered CDs
  • Federal Funds Accommodations
  • Repurchase Agreements
  • Derivative Instruments

Our brokered deposit and structured funding products help us design a liability structure that enhances earnings and mitigates interest rate risk.

Bond School & Customized Educational Events

CenterState Bank offers Bond School sessions during the year, along with many individual sessions for clients off site.  Topics addressed within the sessions include:

  • Investment securing behavior performance measures
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Asset/Liability management and building a culture of strategic management of a bond portfolio
  • Structuring the balance sheet to maximize profitability

Programs have evolved with events that show attendees how to apply bond math and similar management tactics to other areas of the bank, including lending, pricing credit and deposits, targeted marketing and managing other risks at the financial institution.


Through Insight, our proprietary investment platform, we offer our customers the ability to retrieve documents through a fast and secure online web portal.  Deliverables include confirmations, notifications, bond accounting reports, custody activity and pledging information.


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For more information on our Investment services and Capital Markets programs, please contact your Business Development Officer.