Assumable Rate Conversion Program

Convert Fixed Rate Loans to Floating

Convert Fixed Rate Loans To Floating – Using Our Balance Sheet

CenterState’s Assumable Rate Conversion (“ARC”) Program allows your bank to utilize our expertise and balance sheet in order to offer long-term fixed rate loans to your customer while your bank enjoys a floating rate – all without hedge accounting and hedge management. How is that for an idea?

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The Benefits Are Astounding

There is a long list of benefits to your bank to boost revenue, earnings and satisfaction.


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ARC Benefits are Astounding
ARC - More Loans Less Risk

More Loans, Less Risk

Given this environment you almost have to offer a longer-term fixed rate loan option. By utilizing the ARC Program you can reduce your competition by gaining a competitive advantage over other lenders.


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Think of the Possibilities

Combine the ARC Program with your marketing or pull in some of our expertise and we can show you how to create loan programs that target a particular customer segment with longer term fixed rate loans. We can show you how to quantitatively find profitable customers and target them electronically to drive loan business.


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Think of the possibilities with ARC
CenterState supports your loan underwriting criteria


CenterState supports your loan underwriting criteria. We put a second set of eyes on every loan which is value in itself. Usually, if it meets your criteria it meets ours. We pledge to give you a fast turnaround time as to not slow down the process. In addition, we have established a set of underwriting criteria that will help speed your loan through the process.


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Reduce The Risk You Don’t See

Putting fixed rate loans on the books can expose your bank to interest rate risk and credit risk. Yes, wider margins are nice now, but they come at a price. By utilizing the ARC Program, your bank can reduce or eliminate the interest rate portion of the risk and hedge fixed rate assets back to an index more compatible with your deposit base. In addition, providing a fixed rate loan to your customer, gives the borrower more certainty and eliminates the risk that rising rates could impact cash flow and drive interest expense up.


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Reduce the Risk you don't see

It is time to get innovative with CenterState's ARC


It is time to get innovative. Join the hundreds of banks that currently hedge their fixed rate loans. In fact, CenterState utilizes this exact program to provide structuring options to our customers and manage our interest rate risk.

If you think this Program can help your bank reach its goals, learn more by registering for a free demonstration and overview of the product.  We are standing by with pricing, underwriting, marketing and structuring support to help your bank grow and increase profitability.

On the demo, we can walk you through the agreements, more details on the program and how you can put the Program into action.

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