Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our FAQ’s below.


How did CenterState Bank become involved in Correspondent Banking?

  • During 2008, CenterState acquired the correspondent banking department of the former Alabama National Bank in Birmingham.  In 2009, a team of over 40 correspondent bankers from the former Silverton Bank joined CenterState Bank.  The Division has since grown to over 85 employees.


How is your correspondent operation different from your retail bank?

  • The correspondent group is a Division of CenterState Bank.  Our existing client base and target market consists solely of community financial institutions.


Where is your Correspondent Division located?

  • The Division headquarters is in Atlanta, GA, but there are also offices in Birmingham, AL; Nashville, TN; and Winston-Salem, NC.  Additional Business Development offices are located in Charlotte, NC; Denver, CO; Tampa, FL; and West Palm Beach, FL. For contact information please visit our Coverage Map or Contact Us page.


How do I get a listing of your products?

  • Please visit our Products and Services page or contact your Business Development Officer for more information.