Technology Ownership of Bank Customer Households by Generation

How Bank Customers Are Digitally Connected

From time to time, we have a debate about how many of our customers have broadband, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices. Below is the most recent data from Nielsen that shows our customer’s households are very digitally enabled. If you are like us, this data can come in helpful prior to your strategic plan updates when you decide the level of resources to devote to digital banking and advertising channels.


Our Main Takeaways from This Data


As a general rule of thumb, your customers are likely more digitally connected than you give them credit for. More to that point, smartphones are ubiquitous and there is relative parity of smartphones, broadband internet, PCs and tablets across generations.


Also, one area that we are keeping an eye on is the percentage of households that have “smart” or internet connected TVs. These devices are potential future channels to consume banking services. 


Technology Ownership by bank household by generation