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Using The Content Blender To Expand Your Marketing Budget By 5x


Banks that complain about not doing enough in marketing or not having a big enough budget may just not be taking the right approach. We rarely see a bank fully utilize their content. If done right, you can get at least five times the conversions for almost the same expense as you spend now. What bank wouldn’t want five times the loans, deposits, or fees?  In this article, we explore our approach to content marketing and how to “Relate, Repurpose, and Recycle” and how to use the “Content Blender.”


Here Is Our Relationship Manager Content Training

Using Content in Banking

Everyone loves content. It is likely that you clicked on this article because you were curious about what content we have to offer. Content builds credibility, engagement, brand and amplifies your voice. Content also drives bank sales. Part of the challenge is that few banks train their relationship managers and marketing staff on how to create an effective portfolio of content. In this short article, we highlight a couple of important points on contact and then provide the recording of our recent training video on the topic.


10 Lessons From Day One of The ABA Marketing Conference

ABA Marketing Conference

About 400 of the best bank marketers gathered in Baltimore starting Sunday to learn and exchange ideas about the future of banking and bank marketing. It was an action-packed opening. We distilled ten of the best lessons we learned or were reminded of from the conference and presented them below.


Adding Value Through ESOP Banking [Podcast and Video]

ESOP Banking

In our quest to add more value to our customers, one of the ideas we hit upon was to train relationship managers up to handle the complexities of ESOP lending. Instead of lending to a corporate client, it is more profitable and less risky to lend to the ESOP of that client. Further, few bankers take the time to understand how an ESOP works so competition is limited. Banks can go after existing ESOPs and help refinance their current debt, can work with existing clients to establish ESOPs, or can go after perspective commercial customers and help them establish an ESOP.

Getting Smarter On Probabilities of Default [Video]

Understanding Probabilities of Default

Given the rise of CECL, the term “probability of default” (POD) and “probability of survival” gets thrown around a lot these days.  Ten years ago, these were terms that only credit analysis or portfolio managers truly understood. Now, we see them misused a lot, and more importantly, the concepts are getting muddled. Using PODs are one of the most important tools for understanding credit and all bankers, including those not in loans, should have a basic understanding of how to use these metrics.

Our Favorite Loan Prepayment Provision

Loan Prepayment Protection

Most bank lenders are finding it difficult to negotiate loan fees – borrowers resist both loan origination fees and loan prepayment fees.  However, there is a strong case to be made that loan prepayment fees are more important in increasing loan profitability than loan origination fees.

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