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A Lesson For Bankers - The Grace of Eli Manning

Respect and Teamwork

Last week’s benching of the NY Giant’s Quarterback Eli Manning merits a pause from all bankers. Say what you will about his 2-9 playing performance this season but appreciate his respect for the game and support for his team.  Manning is a strong contender for the Hall of Fame – he has been to the Pro Bowl 4 times; is one of the few quarterbacks to win multiple Super Bowls (named MVP in both); has the 7th most passing yards this season and maintains a quarterback rating of 84.1, or in the top 32% for the year. Yet, he was told to sit down.

6 Hallmarks Of Great Bank Teams

Team Building

If you are looking to build a great team at your bank, you can start by following other great organizations. No matter if it is the Jordan-era Chicago Bulls, The Wooden-era UCLA Bruins, a SEAL team, the Skunkworks or millions of other successful teams through history, they all followed a similar pattern, and it is not exactly what we were taught at our high school level effort.


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