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2 Ideas From HMBradley That Your Bank Should Try

Deposit Innovation

HMBradley is a fintech that has partnered with Hatch Bank, a subsidiary of Firstrust Bank ($3.7B, PA), to offer two innovations that we have talked about in the past, but few banks have executed. This fintech has tiered their rates based on the percentage saved and offers only a single operating account instead of checking, savings, money marketing, and similar accounts. In this article, we will cover both ideas for your bank’s consideration.


A New Way to Tier Deposit Accounts

401(k) Average Account Balances

Judging by 401(k) balances at Fidelity, Americans are crushing it when it comes to increasing retirement savings. This 10% growth is against a backdrop of 2.5% wage growth and 1.2% disposable income growth. 


401(k) Average Account Balance

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