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How Your Bank Needs To Change Its Marketing

Content Marketing

Chances are your bank is not producing the most valuable pieces of marketing needed to win your future customer. To prove our point, how much is your 2016 budget for content? If you are like an estimated 87% of banks, you don’t even have a budget line item for “content.” This is a critical mistake because banks sit at the crossroads of having deep content available to them, are in a trusted advisory role with their customers and have competitors that are not using content.

Increasing Sales Of Bank Treasury Management – Part II

Better Selling Of Treasury Management

Early this week we highlighted some of the basics when selling treasury management services (HERE). We highlighted the importance of teamwork, getting the specialist in early and we provided banks with a sample timeline in order to set a best practice standard for speed of customized delivery.

How To Get A Prospective Borrower’s Contact Information

Borrower Prospecting - How To Get Leads

A couple weeks ago, we covered 3 of the best, and most underutilized commercial lending prospecting tools (HERE). Due to multiple requests, we build on that today and show lenders and business development officers how to derive contact information out of thin air.  As we pointed out, the art and science of commercial banking sales isn’t taught by traditional education and is largely ignored in banking schools, conferences and training programs.

3 Best Ways Your Bank Can Prospect For New Loan Business

Prospecting For New Loan Business

The number one reason that banks struggle to grow their commercial business is their relationship managers don’t have enough time. Credit memos, compliance, administration and a whole host of other tasks take up the day leaving very little time to bundle a steady pipeline of profitable accounts. However, next to streamlining your calling officer’s day, the next largest impediment to prospecting is the lack of knowledge.

4 Ideas to Refine Your Art of Selling Bank Products

Boosting Bank Sales

Most bank calling officers are inadequately prepared to effectively sell bank products. It is not because they can’t, but because the art and science of selling bank products is rarely taught. When it is taught, it is without understanding that banking has a set of special needs to include regulatory compliance, the component of credit and the emotional content of dealing with the most private of information – a person or company’s financial position.

Your Bank Doesn’t Know Your Borrower Unless It Knows These 5 Things

Understanding the mind of the customer

There are a handful of banks in this nation that really know their small business or commercial customer. They say they are about service and they actually walk the walk. They deliver superior service compared to the competition and they put the customer in the middle of everything they do.

The Best Voicemail Your Bank Has Ever Left

Turning Voicemail Into Profit

If truth be told, bankers don’t leave good voicemails to potential prospects. We have heard thousands and have received hundreds and they lack the basic elements of a good voicemail. It is not the banker’s fault because the art of voicemail is rarely taught. That is a shame as a good voicemail can make a difference. A good calling officer carves out at least 2-4 hours per day to prospect and can make 20 cold/warm calls during that time. Usually, only 2 prospects out of 20 will answer a call, leaving 18 on the receiving end of a voicemail.

10 Ways To Set Your Loans Apart From The Competition

Loan Branding

You brand your bank; why not brand your loans? The other day we attended a seminar on banking Millennials where a panel of Millennials was discussing how Millennials don’t believe the marketing hype like earlier generations did. We found this ironic as they sat there with Apple Watches, Stance socks (our favorite as well) and various other brands draped on their bodies in addition to the fact that all five were drinking bottled water despite a carafe right in front of each. Try selling bottled water to the Greatest Generation and you would be laughed out of the room.

Here Is A Template For A Better Bank Marketing Plan

Bank Marketing Plan

To amend an old saying, if you give a man a fish he will have food for a meal. If you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime. However, if you convince the world that they need more Omega 3s in their diet, you and that man catching all the fish can be eating steak at Ruth Chris for the rest of your lives – this is the power of marketing.


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