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Why Your Bank Needs A Digital Lead Gen Strategy


Unfortunately, in 2020, most bank websites are nothing more than brochure-ware. That is a problem as not only can a bank’s website be its most efficient source leads, but it should also be the best source of conversions (leads that turn into new accounts and loans). While there are several hundred banks that do handle online lead gen well, it is even rarer to have a bank generate leads from its mobile app. This is also a problem as some banks are now generating the bulk of their digital leads from mobile, not to mention the bulk of their conversions.

How To Position Loans For the Debt Averse


There are many reasons why some customers are more debt-averse than others.  Research has shown that millennials are particularly reluctant to take on debt and are also teaching their kids, Gen Z, to avoid borrowing.  However, lenders need to understand how to position their loan products and provide advice for when taking a loan makes good sense for the customer.

10 Steps To Generate More Banking Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Bankers

If you want more commercial clients before you buy marketing lists, spend money on advertising, cold call, ask for referrals or sponsor any events, consider training your relationship managers on how to use LinkedIn for prospecting. For us, LinkedIn is responsible for generating more commercial leads than all other social media channels combined and has been a great source of not only leads but also market intelligence and general brand building. Having intermediate or better LinkedIn skills are helpful for any banker and is now mandatory for any new relationship manager.

The 5 Best Ways To Use Content To Drive Bank Revenue [Webinar]

Leveraging Bank Content

As most of our readers know, we are big fans of using content to inexpensively acquire customers. The tactic helps to pull prospects into our brand, helps generate leads and helps with conversions. Content is an approach that can differentiate both the bank and the relationship manager. As they say, if you are using content, there is no such thing as a cold call.

Here Is A Major Part Of Our Relationship Banking Model

Relationship Banking

As we go down the path of trying to improve relationship banking delivery, we stumbled on the question - what does being a “relationship banker” mean? This seemingly simple question proved difficult to answer.

10 Sales Tips From One of Banking’s Top Loan Officers

Top Loan Sales Techniques

Lending is a competitive business. While there are many good lenders, there are fewer good lenders that are superior salespeople in banking. We know one of the best that we reported on back in 2014 and thought we would update his production and techniques.

Here Is A Proven Sales Script For Bank Commercial Lenders

Commercial Loan Sales

In a previous blog (HERE), we discussed the benefits of sales scripting for commercial lenders.  A sales script is a way for the commercial lender to explain the bank’s sales proposition, and anticipate the borrower’s responses.  It also helps the lender direct the flow of the conversation and most importantly it allows the lender to better listen to the borrower - be

How Your Bank Can Use Commercial Lender Sale Scripts

Bank Sales Script

Competition for quality commercial customers is ruthlessly competitive.  For you to succeed as a commercial loan officer, you must be able to identify good prospects, understand their needs, distinguish yourself and your bank, and finally win the prospect’s business.  However, very few banks teach their commercial lenders how to script sales calls.  Not having infrastructure around the sales process could be a mistake because lenders that communicate with a sales scr

How Community Banks Can Win Treasury Management Business

Treasury Management

If you have to battle the large national or regional banks for treasury management business, then you are in luck because competition is easy. Of course, many community banks don’t feel that way, but often that is because they have the wrong approach. At a recent conference, we gathered a group of banks to distill best practices and then enlisted the help of Mary Morgan, CEO of Financial Shop Solutions that specializes in helping banks better compete.

The One Question Every Bank Should Ask Of Their Customers

Bank Customer Relationship Building

On your bank’s journey to become more of a sales organization, one question that needs to be asked, particularly to commercial and high net worth customers, is “What are your goals for the year and how do you plan on accomplishing them?” While it seems simple, it is amazing how often this question is overlooked by bank relationship managers or business development officers. Not only should that question be asked, but the answer needs to be committed to your bank’s CRM system. For that matter, it should also be part of your bank’s annual review with the customer.


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