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How The OCC Will Help Bank Innovation

The OCC's Effort For Responsible Innovation

Given that our latest TV obsession is Westworld and that we are focused on innovation, it was with great interest last week that we learned that the OCC is prepping to open a “Responsible Innovation Office.”  This makes sense because not only do we need help with fintech, but someone needs to explain the time/space continuum, why there is a player piano in every episode and about a dozen of other plot points of the hit HBO series.

The Most Interesting Banking Conference in the World: ICBA Live 2016 Recap

ICBA Live Banking Conference Recap

It was almost with equal sadness that we bid the 2016 ICBA Live conference goodbye this morning and Dos Equis’ World’s Most Interesting Man.Yesterdayboth announced their completion. We also bring up the latter because we are going to miss anybody that can bowl overhand, wins a lifetime achievement award - twice, speaks Russian - in French and once won the World Series of Poker with only Uno cards.

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