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15 Quotes on Quantitative Banking That Modern Bankers Should Understand

Quantitative Banking

We are big fans of data, but recognize that analysis, and presentation of analysis, can lead you astray. Here are 15 (approximately) of our favorite quotes and maxims that we try to keep in mind every day in order to be more effective at banking. Hopefully, this will remind you of old quotes while introducing you to new ones, all the while forcing you to look at the world a little bit differently, and maybe, just a little more intelligently. These concepts are good to keep in mind no matter if you are on the line, in management or have no background in math.

Better Bank Decision Making Thanks To Love

Decision Making

Happy Valentine’s Day! At the risk of being cheesy, since you are a customer, a reader or hopefully both, we do want to take this moment and express our love for you and your support. We meant to run in a post back in December about how effective Valentine’s Day cards can be for both retail and corporate customers, but we will do this in the fourth quarter of this year in order to set up for next year. Until then, we want to give you today’s gift of knowledge to improve your internal decision-making process.

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