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Why Your Bank Should Rent and Market Shared Office Space

Banking and Shared or Co-Working Space

Statistically, we call it the density function. The more potential clients that are located in close physical proximity to each other, the higher the probability that each will become a client of your bank. Consider that during college, a time in your life was you likely had a high density of people around you, at any given moment, 20 people could randomly show up to your apartment or house. Sometimes you would be asleep only to wake up to find a small party in your living room without so much as an invitation.

How Bankers Are Giving Sensational Voicemail

Great Bank Voicemails

If you are a community banker, then you probably leave many voicemail messages every week.  If you are a calling officer at a community bank, you may leave even more voicemail messages, and your voice messaging skills can be a big factor in your professional success.

How To Get A Prospective Borrower’s Contact Information

Borrower Prospecting - How To Get Leads

A couple weeks ago, we covered 3 of the best, and most underutilized commercial lending prospecting tools (HERE). Due to multiple requests, we build on that today and show lenders and business development officers how to derive contact information out of thin air.  As we pointed out, the art and science of commercial banking sales isn’t taught by traditional education and is largely ignored in banking schools, conferences and training programs.

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