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Licking Your Online Applications

More Effective Digital Transformation

Here is the funny thing about the tongue-brain connection - your brain can project, with a very high degree of certainty, what it will feel like if you lick any given object such as your desk, your shirt, car hood, a stucco wall, computer keyboard - you name it. This is despite the fact that you are likely to have zero experience in licking any of those objects in the past. The wiring in your brain is designed to project forward that tongue-licking feeling based on other sensory input, and it does it with amazing accuracy.

Our Lessons (So Far) on Getting Online Account Opening

Online Account Opening

Like the red balloon in “It,” frictionless onboarding of customers is an attractant to bankers. Easy and quick account opening is a must have for banking, but like an evil clown in a sewer, if you are not careful, you are in for a world of hurt. Stephen King’s “It” was in the back of our mind when we sent some of our best bankers (We didn’t tell them about the “Loser’s Club” moniker) out into the wilds to test online account opening at some top banks. In this article, we highlight our journey and discuss what we learn to keep bankers safe.


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