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Bank of America Trends In Consumer Mobility

Mobile Banking

Bank of America just released their second annual “Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility Report” and it shows consumer’s growing reliance on smartphones. The report finds that 38% of respondents are never away from their phones and only 7% entirely shut down on vacation. In addition, 36% of smartphone users check their phone constantly while 89% of adults check their smartphones at least several times per day. If that is not a connection enough, 71% sleep with their smartphones and 35% say they check it first thing in the morning.

Wells Fargo's New Spanish Mobile Banking App

Spanish Mobile Banking

After releasing Spanish text banking last year, Wells Fargo & Co. releases their new mobile banking app where you can set your primary language preferences to Spanish. This is key as capturing the Latino customer should be the focus of any large retail bank. 

How This Bank Boosted Their Mobile Effort With Creativity (And Cut Costs)

Mobile Banking Marketing

As we were looking at granular restaurant performance data we noticed that the average time at the table for patrons has increased by about 2 minutes on average over the last three years. Upon further inquiries, it seems customers are spending their table time taking pictures of their food and of course, themselves. The act of taking a selfie has spawned popular songs, websites and articles which is why Independent Bank in Texas has captured this recent sentiment in picture perfect form.



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