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Why Your Bank Needs A Digital Lead Gen Strategy


Unfortunately, in 2020, most bank websites are nothing more than brochure-ware. That is a problem as not only can a bank’s website be its most efficient source leads, but it should also be the best source of conversions (leads that turn into new accounts and loans). While there are several hundred banks that do handle online lead gen well, it is even rarer to have a bank generate leads from its mobile app. This is also a problem as some banks are now generating the bulk of their digital leads from mobile, not to mention the bulk of their conversions.

How Your Customers Want to Communicate With Your Bank

Communication Channels

Since your bank's primary value proposition is service and you are likely striving for a superior customer experience, then it would make sense that the first stop you should make is to improve your ability to communicate with the customer. In this day and age, customers have more channels than ever to communicate with your bank. The issue is preference varies widely. In this article, we explore retail bank customer preferences and talk about some ramifications for the future.


Why Your Bank Should Be Advertising on Mobile

Bank Mobile Advertising

If you are like most banks, you probably don’t have big dollars allocated in your budget for advertising and of those dollars, probably less is focused on digital and probably nothing invested in mobile. That would be a mistake as the performance of bank mobile advertising has dramatically improved over the last several years. “Mobile is eating the world” is a common refrain and many banks are pursuing a mobile first strategy where all other delivery pipes like call centers, branches, ATMs and online applications support mobile banking.

We Put Pokémon Go Characters At Our Branch And Here Is What Happened

Pokemon Go and Leveraging Technology

To be clear, earlier this week, we already had people in our bushes hunting around for small fictional characters, so the idea of being proactive and actually purchasing the "Lures" wasn’t that much of a stretch. The real hilarity ensues when you find yourself explaining why your avatar needs to go to the “Pokémon Gym” because there is an important battle with Charizard on the horizon instead of talking about BSA regulatory issues - but, this is the new world we find ourselves in.

USAA’s Brilliant Move in Scoring Their Customer

Customer Engagement Thru Financial Readiness Score

A couple months ago USAA rolled out their “Financial Readiness Score” and it represents a simple, but brilliant innovation that will have a major impact on customer profitability and engagement. The product taps into the “quantified self” movement, the same concept behind Fitbit and others, and is starting to get common in banking.  While credit scores are common, this “readiness” score is an interactive framework that leads customers down a path in order to get them more prepared for the future while serving to increase profitability for the bank.

Why Community Banks Need To Stay In The Payment Game

Mobile Payments For Banks

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Apple Pay while the past 60 days saw the release of Android Pay and Samsung Pay. The strategic question comes up – which do you do if any? Before you answer that question ask yourself this one – how long do you want to be in business? Wait. Before you fire us off an angry email, we are not being flippant. It is important to understand your investment horizon, as if your bank plans on selling in the next five years, then why go through the cost and hassle of registering your cards on each platform.

Banks Need To Stop With The “Digital Strategy”

Building The Mobile First Bank

Indra Nooyi, Pepsi’s CEO, wanted to put more emphasis on design. She gave each executive a photo album and a mission to go capture designs that “inspire.” It was a simple assignment, but only a few managers completed the task and of those that did, half of those had their spouse do it for them. Those that did do it, just stuck with superficial changes such as changing the shape of their bottle, the label and the color of Pepsi’s blue.

Here Is Why Banking Will Be Partially About Voice

Voice Recognition In Banking

One of the things we have been experimenting with is inputting loan credit information using voice recognition. So far, it is equal to typing in terms of effort and speed, but that will change in the next year when it will become faster to use voice. As mobile and desktop computers become quicker and recognition algorithms become more accurate, speaking commands will become easier than typing for more complicated tasks.

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