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Use Our 8 KPIs To Power Your Bank's Marketing

The Value of Marketing

We received many questions on our ranked effectiveness of some of our content strategies (HERE) and our priorities when it comes to marketing (HERE). Many of the questions revolved around how we measure marketing effectiveness and what key performance indicators (KPIs) we use.

Banks Will Struggle With Marketing ROI Until They Apply These 3 Function-based Marketing Objectives

Bank Marketing

Most banks think of marketing in terms of channel -  print, digital, radio, in-branch collateral material and so on. While that is one way to think about it, the next time you talk marketing, figure out how much of your limited resources are going to these three functions: 1) New customer acquisition, 2) Retention and 3) Cross-sell. This purpose-driven approach has the advantage of keeping the objective in mind while providing a framework to measure objectives.


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