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Rebranding Part 1: We Need Your Banking Wisdom

Bank Branding

Here at CenterState Bank, we have a tactical initiative to look at rebranding our bank. This is potentially a 6-month project and the plan is to chronical this journey over a 5 part series on this blog. As part of this series, we will make our process, project plans, surveys, focus group data and other elements of the process available to any bank that wants to think about rebranding in the future.

Why it is Time to Update Your Bank’s Logo

Bank Logo Design

When is the last time you updated your logo? Chances are you developed your bank’s logo long before really considering your current growth plan, customer targets, use on social media or application to digital advertising. While your logo may work well for your current customer base, banks now turn their attention to the historic wealth transfer that is on the verge of taking place and must decide on best ways to attract a younger demographic.


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