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Curing Loan Production Peaks and Troughs

More Efficient Loan Production

The production of a typical community bank often resembles the chart below. There are discernable peaks and troughs. We know this as our pipeline functionality in our Loan Command pricing and management model helps banks track production and closing rates for loans. In this article, we explore what a typical closing percentage looks like for a community bank, how it changes month to month and provide some tips as to how to smooth the process out and get more efficient at loan production. 



What Your Loan Pipeline Data Is Telling Your Bank

Loan Pipeline Data

If you’re a bank that keeps a loan pipeline report, chances are you have some excellent data that will form the basis of making your bank more efficient. The column chart below is one bank’s data where we looked at all the loans that made the pipeline report and then looked at the percentage approved and compared it to those loans that fell out either due to losing the loan to another institution (40% of the fallout), withdrawn/tabled by the borrower (32%), declination (14%), insufficient information (10%) or other (4%).


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