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Taking Loans Away From The Competition – Tactic 1

Commercial Loan Growth

Last week, we broke down how a quantitative bank may look at credit in order to get more accurate on their credit grades. Most banks do this to make sure they have their loan loss reserve levels correct. However, the better reason to invest in your credit model is to win more loans from the competition, while not being adversely selected. Today, we look at one of those two strategies that a bank might employ to drive out their competition from the marketplace or at least protect themselves from being driven out of business.


Use This Loan Barbell Tactic To Book More Loans

Bank Loan Origination Tactic

Some community banks are seeing broad challenges in trying to book and maintain quality loans.  These challenges include borrower demand for long-term fixed rates, general lack of qualified borrowers, and intense competition from multiple lenders (including banks, credit unions, insurance companies and alternative financial institutions).  We would like to share a specific loan origination and portfolio tactic that has worked for banks of various sizes and has been successfully deployed by community banks across th

10 Ways To Set Your Loans Apart From The Competition

Loan Branding

You brand your bank; why not brand your loans? The other day we attended a seminar on banking Millennials where a panel of Millennials was discussing how Millennials don’t believe the marketing hype like earlier generations did. We found this ironic as they sat there with Apple Watches, Stance socks (our favorite as well) and various other brands draped on their bodies in addition to the fact that all five were drinking bottled water despite a carafe right in front of each. Try selling bottled water to the Greatest Generation and you would be laughed out of the room.

Include This Feature In Your Loan Term Sheets For Better Acceptance

Loan Term Sheets

If there is any point in the loan process that is the most critical it is the presentation of the term sheet. If done right, the term sheet ends up closing a profitable loan and if done wrong, it generates more questions and begs to be negotiated. One feature that we have found advantageous to the process is the inclusion of multiple options in loan structuring.

Marketing Help for Your Lending Team: The Loan Proposal Generator

Loan Marketing: Loan Proposal Generator

In the course of our work with community bankers, we deal with hundreds of banks across the country and talk to thousands of lenders.  Competition is intense and every lender is looking for an advantage against the national or regional bank.  A better product, faster service, or insightful advice can translate into additional loans, better spreads or additional fee income.

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