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10 Tactics To Dampen Deposit Betas

Lowering Deposit Costs

Cost of funding for community banks has risen notably, but the banking industry’s rising deposit betas is creating a greater challenge for community banks.  Deposit beta is the change in funding costs divided by the change in interest rates.  Rising deposit betas may require some community banks to change their focus on customers, products and ALM assumptions or risk a reduction in NIM and profitability. In this article, we highlight the current and projected state of deposit betas and then outline ten of the best tactics for dampening or even lowering the beta at your bank.


The Definitive List of 2018 Treasury Management Services By Bank Size

Updating Your Bank Treasury Management Platform

Next to digitizing the credit process and allowing for online/mobile account opening, building out your commercial treasury management platform should be under consideration by every bank over $700 million in asset size. A good treasury management platform helps acquire valuable commercial customers, assists in building balances, generates fees and, most of all, dramatically boosts the lifetime value of customers by jumping up retention rates.


The Role In Relationship Banking

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