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Banker’s Intent and a Better Leadership Communication Model

Improving Bank Leadership

When it comes to most missions, initial communication is one of the major factors of success. If there is one common flaw in execution, it most likely stems that the initial mission and its objectives were not clearly communicated, and understood by a group’s members. The “Banker’s Intent” model is a derivation on fire service’s “Leader’s Intent Model” and is a communication framework that is being used to currently fight some of the largest wildfires in the history of the United States.

How to Get Your Span of Control Right in Banking

Organizational Leadership

While it is all the rage to flatten your organization and take away management layers to improve efficiencies, there is a dark side to that tactic. Having too many reports spreads bankers too thin leaving little time for “white space” or the ability to be creative and look forward. A “span of control” is how many direct and indirect employees a leader has reporting to him or her.

Naval Lessons of Leadership and Accountability for Banking

Bank Leadership Lessons From The Navy

Commander Bryce Benson was asleep at 1:30 am when the Philippine freighter, the ACX Crystal, rammed the USS Fitzgerald on June 17th off the coast of Japan (Figure 1 and 2).  Within seconds the Commander’s stateroom flooded with cold seawater along with Berthing Room 2 that held 35 sailors. Four sailors grabbed sledgehammers, and one sailor grabbed the only thing he could, a kettlebell, as they started bashing in the door to the cabin enough to crawl through.

How Banks Can Achieve Flawless Execution Like The Military

High Performance Banking

In November 2017, the US Navy positioned three of the world’s largest aircraft carriers off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.  Each day, as the sun first cracked above the horizon, dozens of F/A-18 Hornet fighter aircraft would depart from the three carriers.  With the precision of a Swiss watch, the sleek jets launched from the carrier decks at speeds nearing 200 mph.  Once airborne, they formed into huge attack formations as part of the greatest show of military force in modern history.


14 Bank Leadership Principals From Amazon

Bank Leadership From Amazon

Literally taking a page out of Amazon’s culture’s book, you can find the 14 leadership principals of Amazon HERE in a three-page pdf that you can circulate and discuss at your next management offsite.

Elon Musk Shows Bankers What Pricing Discipline (and Culture) Looks Like

Bank Leadership

Elon Musk, wearing his Tesla Motors CEO hat, was upset that some employees were violating his rule that Tesla’s product shouldn’t be discounted for anyone. This precept was made famous when Mr. Musk famously wrote a personal check for the full price of his Tesla. Not negotiating and not discounting your product’s price, whether it is bank service fees, money market account or car has an important impact on economics but an even more important impact on marketing. Most of all, the concept has a massive impact on culture.

Building A High Performance Banking Team

High Performance Bank Teams - Graphics of bankers around a conference table

Like a sublime sports performance, you can tell a banker that is in the zone. They hustle, are organized, are focused and they understand the business of banking. They are also authentic and work well alone, as part of a small strike team or as part of a large organization. They are adaptable, positive and designed to please both the customer and the shareholder. Everyone wants these bankers on their side. The problem is - there is just not enough of them. 


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