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The Client Experience With Peapack-Gladstone Bank [Podcast]

The Bank Customer Experience

Go to Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s (PGB) website and you see something that you find at very few banks. Actually, it is what you don’t find. You don’t find a page full of products. Instead you find information about the bank, what they think and about their philosophy. Their products are under the heading “How We Can Help” where they talk about “Solutions” instead of products. Throughout the site you find a bank trying to make an emotional connection with their client.

Three Questions With Joe On The Bank Mortgage Business

Mortgage Banking

Yesterday we had a chance to interview Joe Garrett, a former successful community bank CEO, active bank investor, current bank director and partner in Garrett, McAuley & Co., a firm specializing in advising banks on how to improve their mortgage business.  Joe is not only an expert in bank mortgage operations but one of the sharpest wits around with a near-photographic memory when it comes to politics and baseball.  We sat down with Joe and asked him the top three questions that have been on our mind.

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