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Here Is Our Relationship Manager Content Training

Using Content in Banking

Everyone loves content. It is likely that you clicked on this article because you were curious about what content we have to offer. Content builds credibility, engagement, brand and amplifies your voice. Content also drives bank sales. Part of the challenge is that few banks train their relationship managers and marketing staff on how to create an effective portfolio of content. In this short article, we highlight a couple of important points on contact and then provide the recording of our recent training video on the topic.


What Bankers Need to Know about Inbound Marketing

Bank Inbound Marketing

It comes as no surprise to the educated and insightful community banker that our customers do not care about our products and services.  Wait, read on and don’t pass judgment yet!  What we mean by that is that customers don’t care about the way we underwrite loans, our construction terms, our deposit rates or how we gather checks remotely.  None of that matters to customers.  Customers want their specific needs met effectively and completely – they are looking for solutions.  Those needs may require a quick decisio

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