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What Can Hospitality Lending Tell Us About Our Current Cycle?

The Predictive Power Of Hospitality Data

Say what you will about hospitality lending, but it is one of the more responsive industries in our economy and highly predictive of economic cycles. It was one of our first indications banks had back in 2007 to tell us something was amiss in the economy. That warning sign is flashing yellow again, and it is causing us to pay a little closer attention to our data. In this article, we look at hotel sector fundamentals, hospitality loan performance and what current data is saying about the current economic cycle.


Why Hospitality Lending Risk Is Increasing

Hospitality Lending Risk

We are not sure why the hotel staff can’t just put those small bottles of shampoo and conditioner inside the shower, so we don’t have to step out and get them all the time, but that is one of our few complaints when it comes to the state of hotel operations these days. Hotel lending continues to be one of the best performing loan sectors for banks, but our concern is that this run could be coming to an end.

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