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Generating Growth – Board Games

Bank Sales Culture

Do you take Binion or Floyd this round? That was the question that was asked at one $400mm community bank’s annual board draft. This bank produces a net growth rate for loans AND deposits of 20% per year and stands out as an institution that has strong credit, marketing, and a strong sales culture. In this article, we take a look at one tactic that makes them stand out.


How Growth Drives (Destroys) Value at a Bank

The Price of Bank Growth

As we have said before, every bank pays for growth. The most obvious case is when a bank hires staff to bring in and service new customers. Marketing, new branches, technology, capital and many other items all contribute to a bank’s growth and are all investments in growth that are often made. In fact, the need to grow is probably the single biggest driver for bank CEOs. While many bank managers say “shareholder return” is their number one priority, their actions speak otherwise.

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