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What COVID-19 Might Mean For Your Branch Strategy

Branch Investment Rebalance

Chances are you were already reducing the number of your branches. Between the interest rate environment over the past several years, the increase in digital spend, and the quest for greater operating leverage, banks can no longer afford large branch structures and still return their cost of capital. Recent studies now suggest a lower probability of a COVID-19 vaccine and a much lower probability of achieving herd immunity, at least over the next three to five years. As such, most every bank will be forced to rethink its branch strategy.


The Successful Bank Strategist's Deck Is Now Available

The Successful Bank Strategist's Deck

Bank strategy is a year-round endeavor and the act of strategic planning has never been more important. A good bank strategy will set your institution apart from other banks and help it generate an above-average return on capital. More than a regulatory checkbox, a budgeting process, a fantasy or a regurgitation of someone else’s plan, the right strategic plan will provide a roadmap to create franchise value. If strategic planning is important to you, we have a tool for you.


The Strategist’s Deck

The Future of The Branch: Sitting Down With Citizens Bank

The Future of Branch Delivery

We like to learn from the best. To help us frame our thinking about the future of the branch, we recently sat down with Beth Johnson, CMO and head of virtual channels for Citizens Bank—a $157 billion regional bank based in Providence, R.I.—to get her thoughts on the future of the branch and how the bank thinks about various customer engagement channels.


What Bankers Have To Say On The Future Of Banking

Seeing The Future of Banking

Yesterday, the new operating system came out for iPhones and iPads and its pretty slick. Moreover, Apple announced last week some radical new enhancements to almost every product. No matter what your view is on Apple you have to admire a company that continues to strive for improvement and relevance. You would be hard-pressed to find another company in this world that has the 2x per year pace of innovation that Apple does.

What Are The Future Forces of Banking? [Survey]

Future of Banking graphic - Cartoon of banker staring into the future

We could use your help in spending five minutes to complete this quick survey (HERE) so that we can collect your opinion regarding the future of banking. In exchange, we will not only be eternally grateful, but you will be the first to receive the survey results as well as a presentation on the future forces of banking.

Cash Is Going Away – How Your Bank Can Prepare?

Bank Payments

Cash is going away. It is going away faster than anyone thinks and will stick around just longer than checks (and all other paper items), but that is not too distant in the future. Checks will eventually go away because it is the will of the people. Cash, on the other hand, will be relegated to history because banks will stop being the enablers and hasten its demise quicker by charging for the service of dealing with cash.  Cash has about another five years of glory and a total of about ten years of useful life.

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