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Why Real-Time Core Processing Should Be In All Bank’s Strategic Plan

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Community banks need to make a plan to upgrade their current core system to one that handles real-time processing in order to stay competitive. It is crazy the amount of cost and energy our bank (like almost all banks) spends on mimicking a real-time environment, the risk associated with such and how much of an operational hindrance a batch environment is. Consider that in the next three to five years banking will be a 24/7 activity and community banks will not be ready.


More Info About The See & Speak Interface (“SASI”) For Your ATM

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For those bankers that wanted to know more about the ATM video teller that we reported about last week in our Bank of Edmond article, we have the inside scoop and have conducted further due diligence for your benefit. The SASI provides customers with the same personalized experience from the ATM as they get in the branch. Co-developed between the Bank of Edmond and NueQ , SASI links the customer to the specialist of their choice - teller, loan officer, mortgage banker or other employee.

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