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Using Data for Bank Branding Events

Bank Event Marketing - Branding

Chances are your bank participates and hosts many client events. However, chances are your bank does not monitor and track their effectiveness.  At CenterState, these events are one of our best sales opportunities, as it not only affords direct interaction with clients or prospects but also allows us to bring together other happy clients and influencers to help the sales process. While sometimes more art than science, we are getting better at calculating and ranking the return on investment on many of these events.

News Driven Customer Engagement And Bank Marketing

Whatever your political affiliation, the announcement of our 45th President of the U.S. , resulted in more human interaction. More text, social media posts, phone calls, clicks and branch visits took place yesterday than on an average day. People wanted to gloat, be reassured that the apocalypse wasn’t upon us or just wanted to share the moment, whatever the reason, customers reached out.

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