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The Effectiveness of Bank Email Marketing – Deposit Example

When it comes to marketing bank products, email remains king. It is not only the preferred marketing channel of every age group, but it is the most effective as well. Of course, no one wants an irrelevant message that clogs up their day, so a bad email message also has the power to inspire the greatest backlash. In this article, we look at the data on email’s effectiveness and highlight ways banks can better hyper-personalize their message to take their email marketing to the next level.


Bank Email Marketing During the Holiday Season

Bank Marketing

For those of you that remember our data on the seasonality of bank marketing (HERE for those that don’t), before October 24 is really one of the last chances of the year to drive any kind of effectiveness. October 24 through November 21st is neutral and after the 21st you might as well light your marketing dollars on fire, as it will produce the same effectiveness.

The Science Behind Bank Email Signatures

Bank email signatures

Well, it finally happened - On the verge of being a $4 billion asset-sized bank when yesterday we got the memo that everyone in the bank is now required to use a standard email signature. While some employees might look at this as a corporate intrusion into their lives because they can no longer have the witty quote at the bottom, it is the right thing to do. Corporate email signatures are so easy to do well, yet they are often done poorly.

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