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Some Smart Bankers Got Together To Talk Zero Rates. This Was What Was Said.

A Review Of Zero Interest Rate Policy NIRP

Last week, the Hutchins Center On Fiscal And Monetary Policy, part of the famous Brookings Institution, conducted a conference on the effectiveness of negative interest rates. The interactive workshop heard from, and reviewed, the execution and results of having a negative interest rate policy (NIRP) of five central banks. At present, there are 12 countries that have negative rates somewhere in their yield curve.

Capital in the 21st Century Bank

Wage and Wealth Equality In Banking

Since summer, there has been a wave of shared experience started by a largely unknown French economist that produced “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” Written by Thomas Piketty, the tome has become the conversation piece du jour among bankers. In case you missed it, the book is about economic inequality. This is no Fifty Shades of Grey, as considering the book is 700 pages packed with data, French economic history and obscure references to Jane Austen, it is wonderment that it is a bestseller.

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