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Here is Our Road Map of Prioritized Bank Technology Projects [eBook]

Technology Road Map - A Prioritized List of Bank Technology Projects

“Squirrel!” was a common refrain at meetings when some staff members saw the next shiny technology object that we just had to have – usually because a large bank was rolling it out. Saying “squirrel” became code for “let’s stay focused.” The real problem was that many suggested projects were actually worthy of attention and investment. Further, we had no framework for evaluating innovation and deciding how many projects to tackle in a given year and in what sequence.

Survey Results: Here Is How Bankers Will Compete In The Future [Free eBook]

Bank Competition In The Future and Fintech

Last month we, along with CS Consulting Group and the Banking Exchange, asked bankers to complete the survey on their current challenges and what tactics they are employing to overcome those challenges. An overwhelming 79% of bankers expressed a need to find new strategies, lines of business, methods, or a transformation of their business model, to better compete going forward. While banking faces many challenges, the survey results show that bankers have a clear view of the future and a plan for how to get there.

2018 Bank Customer Engagement Trends [Free eBook]

2018 Customer Engagement Trends

Every year CenterState takes a look at a variety of trends throughout the industry. One current focus is customer engagement, or how we can better interact with our retail and commercial banking customer to become more relevant to them. In preparation for the 3Q 2018 strategic planning cycle, we produced a report discussing each trend that serves to get our employees, board, and vendors thinking about these issues so they can further give us input. We thought you might find this report interesting, so we have summarized it and attached below.


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