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Where Are Banks Getting The Data For Marketing?

Using Marketing Data At Your Bank

No doubt you are sick of hearing how “big data” will change bank marketing. As we have said before, it is all about “small data” and how to leverage simple sources of data to boost the bank’s brand and products. The question that most banks have is where do you get this data? Below is a breakdown of common sources of data that can boost your digital marketing efforts. Oddly, missing is credit file information, but we will tackle that another day. In this article, we highlight where and how to leverage some key sources of data that matters.


The Tipping Point Problem in Bank Marketing

More Efficient Bank Advertising

Many banks spread their marketing dollars around thinking that channel diversity offers a benefit. While true, channel diversity only offers a benefit to the extent a channel is effective. What is often overlooked is the ability for banks to gain a critical mass and reach a tipping point where a particular marketing tactic has an impact.  A bank may spend $5,000 placing a single page print ad and lament that they do not see a return.

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