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Why Your Bank Needs A Digital Lead Gen Strategy


Unfortunately, in 2020, most bank websites are nothing more than brochure-ware. That is a problem as not only can a bank’s website be its most efficient source leads, but it should also be the best source of conversions (leads that turn into new accounts and loans). While there are several hundred banks that do handle online lead gen well, it is even rarer to have a bank generate leads from its mobile app. This is also a problem as some banks are now generating the bulk of their digital leads from mobile, not to mention the bulk of their conversions.

The Most Important Function You Need For A Digital Bank


While online account opening and digital lending are great, there is one function that is the most in demand by bank customers, yet most banks don’t think to provide any digital functionality around it. It is the one function that drives up the most cost for a bank and is the most significant reason why bank customers still say they want a branch. Solve this problem, and you start to become a true digital bank. In this article, we look at the data around the problem and how to solve for it.


Here is What Your Future Branch Portfolio Looks Like

Managing Branch Transformation

Last week’s article on branch transformation generated more questions than usual with many bankers asking what an “optimized” branch network looks like in the omnichannel model. While we are not confident that most community banks can achieve that model and would be better off focusing on a mobile-first architecture, most banks are in the process of trying. In this article, we review what a new branch delivery portfolio might look like, looking at both the economics and engagement of each location tactic.


The Impact of The Repeal of Net Neutrality on Banking

Transitioning Bank Customers To Digital Banking

When the FCC adopted Net Neutrality back in 2015, banks were concerned that wireless carriers where going to turn to payments to make up for the lost revenue that the wireless carriers and cable providers were missing from delivering a premium-priced internet package. That not only didn’t happen, but several players with payment application, such as AT&T’s Softcard partnership never panned out. Now, with the repeal of Net Neutrality, there are worries that the carriers can now direct traffic to their payment channels and better compete with banks.

Technology Ownership of Bank Customer Households by Generation

How Bank Customers Are Digitally Connected

From time to time, we have a debate about how many of our customers have broadband, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices. Below is the most recent data from Nielsen that shows our customer’s households are very digitally enabled. If you are like us, this data can come in helpful prior to your strategic plan updates when you decide the level of resources to devote to digital banking and advertising channels.


Our Main Takeaways from This Data


How We Are Restructuring Our Loan Process [Recorded Webinar]

Loan Processing

One of our strategic initiatives is to move our loan process to a digitally credit scored and processed model. The concept, which we explained in a previous blog post HERE is to better match resources with risk, and in so doing become more efficient for our customer and the Bank. Our old process was to apply similar underwriting and credit review process to every loan. This structure made loans below $400,000 often unprofitable.

Zelle and the Future of Payments for Community Banks

Bank P2P Payments

Person-to-person (P2P) payment service, Zelle, goes live over the next week and is being introduced into the market by more than 30 major financial institutions including Bank of America, Chase, US Bank, Capital One and Wells Fargo. Operated by a bank partnership, the technology will be incorporated into many bank’s online and mobile applications and will displace PayPal’s Venmo, Square Cash and P2P integrations in both Facebook and Apple’s ecosystem.

What We Learned At The ABA Marketing Conference

ABA Marketing And Retail Conference #ABAHiX

Fresh off the 2015 ABA Marketing and Retail conference in Denver, we have a very long Evernote page of ideas, inspirations, thoughts and tactics. While we will highlight a few of the many banks from the conference that are making a difference in the coming weeks, today we wanted to do a quick recap of some of the trends and overarching lessons in case you were not able to make it. The ABA, of course, did their normal spectacular job at bringing both bank and vendors together in a high-intensity, food and drink-packed show.

Banks Need To Stop With The “Digital Strategy”

Building The Mobile First Bank

Indra Nooyi, Pepsi’s CEO, wanted to put more emphasis on design. She gave each executive a photo album and a mission to go capture designs that “inspire.” It was a simple assignment, but only a few managers completed the task and of those that did, half of those had their spouse do it for them. Those that did do it, just stuck with superficial changes such as changing the shape of their bottle, the label and the color of Pepsi’s blue.

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