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Branch Transformation: A Q&A with American Bank of the North

Branch Plan

We recently sat down with Marci Knight, CMO for American Bank of the North - a $550 million community bank with nine locations across northern Minnesota – to get her thoughts on the future of the branch and what customer engagement looks like over the next ten years. 


Nichols: How does your bank think about branch network ten years from now?  More or fewer branches?  Will the size be shrinking?  What will the branch look like?

Four Ways Crowdfunding Will Be Incorporated Into Community Banks

Bank Crowdfunding

Given the Alibaba-hysteria you might get the impression that in this market, everyone is an investor. Crowdfunding trends would only reinforce that notion. Crowdfunding is the concept that individuals, companies and investment organizations (funds, clubs, etc.) can invest or donate their funds in exchange for products, experiences, royalty streams, equity, debt or a combination of all of the above.

The 6 Steps We Are Using To Improve Our Bank’s Customer Service Delivery

Bank Customer Service

At CenterState, we, like many banks are undergoing a customer experience improvement initiative. This is our attempt to make customer service more than just talk and to move it into the realm of strategy. While we are not there yet, we are making progress and have started to work on key areas. One thing that helped us get moving is understanding the six steps to improve performance. For other banks going through the process, we wanted to present our roadmap.


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