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Two Proven Secrets To Faster Bank Decisions – Part I

Better Bank Decisions

Keeping up with the speed of change within a bank often requires quick decisions on a variety of topics. Things can slow down when bankers need “perfect” or complete information about a decision. The reality is that perfect information is almost impossible to come by, and even if it was available, it ends up hurting the process anyway.

Bank Culture – Creating Better Options

Creating A Smarter Bank

A common narrative with community bankers is this view that their options are limited. A challenge is often presented with just two options – make the loan or lose the loan, agree to the customer demands or not or comply with the regulators or not. When viewed this way, bankers set themselves up for a sub-optimal outcome as they turn a tactical decision into a self-created conundrum. To increase performance, banks need to realize that there are always more than two choices.


Using Decision Trees in Banking (And Why Innovation Makes Economic Sense)

Decision Tree For Bank Risk Management

If you are looking to make best-in-class decisions, it pays to have a variety of best-in-class tools at your disposal. Oftentimes, a reason why banks don’t innovate more is because they lack the tools and experience to properly understand the risk and the return. Without a way to quantify the risk, stagnation occurs. As banks develop their risk management culture, it pays to have all managers conversant in the proper tools to manage risk.

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