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How Banks Can Be More Valuable To Small Business Disaster Management

Bank Value in Disaster Management

While there are not too many good things about Hurricane Harvey and Irma, one silver lining is that the disasters have opened our eyes to how banks can be more valuable to their customers. In retrospect, we should have done a better job at helping our customers prepare and be doing a better job post-disaster to help both retail and commercial customers manage their claims.

How Bankers Can Help Commercial Clients With ROI [Calculator]

Commercial Lending

Commercial lending is more competitive than ever and 2017 will likely prove no exception.  To effectively differentiate their services, commercial lenders will need to be thought leaders, understand their market and industries, and provide more insightful advisory services.  One way commercial lenders can differentiate themselves is to help their clients run various return on investment (ROI) scenarios that allow them to make better financing decisions.

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