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Why Banks Need To Celebrate Birthdays

Happy Birthday! While statistically it is likely your birthday is today for approximately 0.376% of you (birthdays are not evenly dispersed throughout the year), we apologize to the rest for missing your special day. We endeavor to improve and hope to collect your birth date as soon as we can figure out a way to ask for your date of birth without being creepy. Our dream is to one day send you a special card or at least an email with a gift inside as when it comes to marketing, that is one of the best campaigns a bank can do.

Why You Need Nao - The New Banking Robot

Banking Innovation

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ is proving assembly lines shouldn’t be the only ones with robots as it introduces Nao, the world’s first banking robot into its branches next month. Nao stands two feet tall, speaks 19 languages and doesn’t take any breaks. Developed by Aldebaran Robotics, a French company owned by Softbank, Nao is also one of the first robots to recognize and “feel”/mimic human emotion. Ask about a problem with your statement and Nao will judge the level of frustration, anger or sadness.

Your Bank Could Offer A Spotted Dick Digital Coupon

Bank Innovation and Customer Engagement

One thing that did not make it into our 2014 Banker Gift Guide that we feel a public service need to tell you about is the limited availability of Spotted Dick (Amazon $19.95). In case you are unfamiliar with the item, Spotted Dick is a traditional, British pudding made with golden syrup and raisins to be served with custard, love and a dose of humor.  If you normally don’t associate culinary delights from England, a can or anything called Spotted Dick, we understand, but part of the beauty of this blog is that it expands your horizons.


What We Learned As A Community Bank From Day 1 At Finovate

Finovate and Bank Innovation

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to attend Finovate, the Super Bowl of financial technology held in San Jose, CA. We came away a little underwhelmed from the community bank perspective but were pleased that most of the technology was headed in the right direction. The venue and the show were up to its usual high standards and seeing 33 companies in one day was highly efficient. However, the discussions could have taken place three years ago.


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