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Why Your Bank Needs More Content

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The production of quality content is an underutilized tool in banking. Banks are a gateway into a person’s or company’s finances which is an important and often emotionally charged topic. The level of complexity is high, and so banks are in the perfect position to deliver a steady stream of entertaining, educational and brand building content. In this article, we take a look at why content matters and how to use it for building a strong connection with your customers and prospects.


Content Matters

Here Is Our Relationship Manager Content Training

Using Content in Banking

Everyone loves content. It is likely that you clicked on this article because you were curious about what content we have to offer. Content builds credibility, engagement, brand and amplifies your voice. Content also drives bank sales. Part of the challenge is that few banks train their relationship managers and marketing staff on how to create an effective portfolio of content. In this short article, we highlight a couple of important points on contact and then provide the recording of our recent training video on the topic.


10 Lessons From Day One of The ABA Marketing Conference

ABA Marketing Conference

About 400 of the best bank marketers gathered in Baltimore starting Sunday to learn and exchange ideas about the future of banking and bank marketing. It was an action-packed opening. We distilled ten of the best lessons we learned or were reminded of from the conference and presented them below.


Here Is A Fun Indicator For Bankers To Use

Economic Dashboard

We have been getting mileage out of an economic indicator that few know about but it happens to be germane to the current environment. It is the Baker-Bloom-Davis economic policy uncertainty index which scans the news, expected tax changes and economist disagreement to deliver an index on how much or little economic uncertainty is causing anxiety. The assumption is that the more uncertainty, such as Brexit, the more consumers and businesses will put off economic decisions like capital spending, hiring and investments.

Your Bank’s Engagement Has Much To Do With What Your Customers Are Feeling

Better connect to your bank customers

A bank produces a steady stream of marketing content – events, press releases, letters from the CEO, white papers, news stories and the alike. As content becomes increasingly important, banks can better leverage their marketing dollars and branding efforts by making sure content hits its market. Data from AOL Insights of over 7,300 content engagements clearly show when a customer interact with specific content. Using this data, bankers can quantitatively leverage this knowledge to fine tune content to better match the motivation of their customers.

Popular Events For Banks To Market Around For 2014

Bank Marketing

Banks are always in need of good marketing themes and promotion tie-ins. When marketing is paired with an event or a holiday it becomes even more effective. Promotions on bank website supported by keywords or in the branch supported by word of mouth, leveraging events can add 10% to 20% more marketing effectiveness. Certain holiday’s and events tend to lend themselves to bank promotions, while others do not. Holiday’s like MLK, Jr. Day, Valentines, Mardi Gras, St.

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