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How Your Customers Want to Communicate With Your Bank

Communication Channels

Since your bank's primary value proposition is service and you are likely striving for a superior customer experience, then it would make sense that the first stop you should make is to improve your ability to communicate with the customer. In this day and age, customers have more channels than ever to communicate with your bank. The issue is preference varies widely. In this article, we explore retail bank customer preferences and talk about some ramifications for the future.


Teaching Team Sales To Relationship Managers

The Bank Sales Team

While lots of bankers study and pride themselves on selling, few banks train in “team sales.” Like playing a team sport, one-on-one selling is different than when selling as a team. To the extent your bank uses a “client action team” or group of bankers representing different products to bring over a big client, improving your team sales technique can turbocharge performance. In this article, we look at six, often overlooked ways, your teams can boost its commercial client conversions from prospect to customer.


Banker’s Intent and a Better Leadership Communication Model

Improving Bank Leadership

When it comes to most missions, initial communication is one of the major factors of success. If there is one common flaw in execution, it most likely stems that the initial mission and its objectives were not clearly communicated, and understood by a group’s members. The “Banker’s Intent” model is a derivation on fire service’s “Leader’s Intent Model” and is a communication framework that is being used to currently fight some of the largest wildfires in the history of the United States.

Messaging Apps That Banks Will Be Using

Bank Messaging Apps

Last week both YouTube and Facebook rolled out updates to their respective messenger apps in hopes of better competing with iMessenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and others. We use or have tested all these, and we believe Facebook Messenger holds the most promise for a standardized and efficient platform for banks to leverage in order to increase communication with both their retail AND their commercial customers.

The Second Best Annual Report In Banking

Bank Annual Report

The old adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover is overrated when it comes to bank annual reports. You can tell a lot about a bank by its publication. Bank annual reports range from a 10-k wrapped in a simple cover sheet and a one paragraph letter on “it was a good year, look at our numbers if you care” to an expensive 170 page production with enough high-quality photographs to explain why the bank produced a 1.2% return on equity.

Increasing Bank Productivity – A Better Tool Than Email

How banks can improve on emails

The other day we learned something when our email server went down – collaborative communication applications helped increased productivity for internal projects.  Email, we found out, is the lowest common denominator. We have a beta test team using different types of collaborative applications and today we present some thoughts about using these applications in a bank environment.

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