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4 Things Banks Should Do Before “Building Their Brand”

Creating Raving Bank Fans

At a recent conference, we got in a public argument over how banks waste time and money building their brand.  Don’t get us wrong, we believe every bank should make an investment in their brand but our point is that building a brand is difficult and expensive. Before you invest money in a new logo, an advertising campaign or work up a new “brand message,” there are four simple things that all banks need to do to create 70%+ of the value of their brand.


Step One – Focus on Your 1,000 True Fans

John Wayne for Your Bank

John Wayne Banking

In the Hall of Fame of American icons sits John Wayne. Over the past 21 years, he has been in the Top Ten of America’s Favorite Movie Stars despite being deceased for almost 40 years. Over a spectacular lifetime of achievement, he made himself synonymous with the American way, the American West, the outdoors, environmental issues, straight talking, integrity and most of all, grit.

Using Data for Bank Branding Events

Bank Event Marketing - Branding

Chances are your bank participates and hosts many client events. However, chances are your bank does not monitor and track their effectiveness.  At CenterState, these events are one of our best sales opportunities, as it not only affords direct interaction with clients or prospects but also allows us to bring together other happy clients and influencers to help the sales process. While sometimes more art than science, we are getting better at calculating and ranking the return on investment on many of these events.

How Is Your Bank Different?

Lending Differentiation

We recently found ourselves 30 minutes early for a bank visit, so we googled the nearest coffee shop.  A Starbucks and a privately owned shop called Kaleidoscope Café was within a five-minute drive.  We drove to Kaleidoscope because we prefer to frequent local establishments and after we had parked we had to walk by Starbucks on our way to Kaleidoscope.  Starbucks was crowded, and there was a long queue at the register.  When we walked into Kaleidoscope, we noticed a substantial contrast.  First, the space was larger, cleaner and brighter with more outside seating when compared to the compe

Rebranding Part 1: We Need Your Banking Wisdom

Bank Branding

Here at CenterState Bank, we have a tactical initiative to look at rebranding our bank. This is potentially a 6-month project and the plan is to chronical this journey over a 5 part series on this blog. As part of this series, we will make our process, project plans, surveys, focus group data and other elements of the process available to any bank that wants to think about rebranding in the future.

Banking Is Not A Commodity. How To Set Your Bank Apart

Bank Branding

Banks stumble on how to create an enduring brand. It’s hard given that one checking account looks much like another. However, if they can brand water, bananas and vodka, we can certainly brand a bank. Just be glad your bank has a product that customers can see and touch, because Intel had a tough job branding its hardware that was never seen. Despite that, Intel was wildly success with its “Intel Inside” branding effort and serves as a case study of why you want to invest in a brand. The payoff to a branding effort is a clear distinction in a crowded market.

Now That You Bought “.BANK” What Is Your Strategy?

.BANK Domain fTLD extension

As of yesterday, general registration for the .BANK web domain extensions opened and an estimated 4,000 domains were applied for.  Approved by ICANN in 2008, financial organizations and trade associations banded together to establish an fTLD Registry Services, an entity that would control these “financial top level domains” (fTLDs).  Open on a limited basis since May, yesterday was the first day any bank could apply. What ensued was the greatest land grab by banks in the history of the industry and it was all anyone talked about yesterday.

The Perfect Bank Customer Appreciation Event

Bank Customer Appreciation Events

This week, we spoke on the future of business at one of the best bank customer events we have attended. CTBC Bank ($2.3B, CA) put on a stellar show and today we break down the events elements that will give you some ideas for your next customer “thank you” lunch. No matter what your budget or bank asset size, the goal is to create an event that is focused on the customer, but subtly highlights the achievements and capabilities of the bank.


Here is the checklist:


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