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Wells Fargo And Two Of The Most Successful Compensation Plans

Bank Compensation Plans

Since 1816, with the opening of the Second Bank of the United States, bankers have struggled with compensation plans. The new Wells Fargo structure, rolled out this month, is somewhere in the middle of two wildly successful plans. The question is, what can community bankers learn from these plans and how can they put them into action? Our last series on compensation (HERE), gave bankers ideas on how best to compensate lenders.

How Your Bank Might Be Missing The American Value Creation Hustle

Bank Compensation

We recently visited Australia in order to experience the culture, domestic beers and visit bank branches (and not necessarily in that order).  On the 15-hour plane ride to Sydney we had the luxury of catching up on movies one of which was “American Hustle.”  The 2013 crime drama is a good depiction of ambition and the pursuit of profit – ironically, a couple things we found lacking in Australia.


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