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5 Trends Bankers Need To Know From The Fed’s New Payment Study


Last month, the Federal Reserve released its 7th, tri-annual U.S. payments study, and, as usual, it had some eye-opening trends that all banks need to consider for their long-term strategic planning. For example, while consumers have always said they preferred debit cards over cash, last year was the first year in US history where consumers used their debit cards (28% of all transactions) more than they used cash (26% of all transactions).

10 Steps To Stop The Rise of ATM and Debit Card Fraud

Slowing ATM and Debit Card Fraud

New data out from FICO shows that physical debit card fraud in the US jumped 70% in 2016. That is because there is not only more debit card usage, but that usage has driven criminals to use more fake card readers to nefariously skim debit card information. Last year, hacked card reader crimes rose 30%. Most of the card fraud comes from ATMs, of which over 66% are owned by non-banks. Over the last several years, that puts card fraud at ATMs up an astonishing 546% according to FICO.

This Might Be A Way to Get Cash to Your Customers When They Want It

Human ATM - Cash Delivery ATM

Sometimes the future isn’t that clear, and this one has us perplexed. We are not sure this is a step forward or backwards in technology, but we find it interesting. Nimbl, a San Francisco start-up now has an app available where you can request cash and a certified runner brings it to you. For those that have converted to Apple Pay this week (along with the other 8 million people), the app solves the problem of how to get cash easily in an increasingly cashless society.


More Info About The See & Speak Interface (“SASI”) For Your ATM

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For those bankers that wanted to know more about the ATM video teller that we reported about last week in our Bank of Edmond article, we have the inside scoop and have conducted further due diligence for your benefit. The SASI provides customers with the same personalized experience from the ATM as they get in the branch. Co-developed between the Bank of Edmond and NueQ , SASI links the customer to the specialist of their choice - teller, loan officer, mortgage banker or other employee.

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