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How To Speed Up The Deposit Sales Cycle

Growing Deposits

Given that it is the start of the year, it is a common practice in banking to clean your desk to kick things off. When it comes to desk cleanliness, you have two choices:  leave your desk alone or set it on fire.

Bank Account Opening Is A Problem - How One Bank Fixed It

Bank Account Opening

Every bank should send their new employees out and mystery shop at least one other competitor and report back. Further, every senior manager should do the same once per year. If they did that, most banks would find that the account opening process leaves much to be desired and the act of mystery shopping would create a desire to improve. Most banks don’t improve because their customers put up with the opening process so no one realizes that something is wrong. But, something is wrong. As an industry, our account opening process leaves much to be desired.

Use This Tested Process To Create Value In the Customer Experience

Customer Onboarding

As you look for ways to increase your brand without driving up your cost and you are building a business model around service, having a formal process around onboarding your customer is one of the best things you can do to start a culture of service. When a new client leaves your office or completes an online transaction for the first time, the honeymoon period begins.

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