The Successful Bank Strategist's Deck Is Now Available

The Successful Bank Strategist's Deck

Bank strategy is a year-round endeavor and the act of strategic planning has never been more important. A good bank strategy will set your institution apart from other banks and help it generate an above-average return on capital. More than a regulatory checkbox, a budgeting process, a fantasy or a regurgitation of someone else’s plan, the right strategic plan will provide a roadmap to create franchise value. If strategic planning is important to you, we have a tool for you.


The Strategist’s Deck


A good strategic plan starts with hard questions about your bank’s future and ends with execution. To help provide a catalyst, we have created a deck of 52 cards that will help you ask the difficult questions and will provide a methodology to help your board, management team, employees and stakeholders discuss the critical issues before every bank today. It is like having a bank strategist and meeting facilitator in a box. 


The deck can be used in a variety of ways including brainstorming, prioritization of initiatives or to help with resource allocation over the next ten years.


To learn more and order your deck, click HERE to learn more and purchase today. 



Strategy Deck




In addition, should you need gifts or a marketing idea, you can rebrand the deck with your logo and colors and then use for your commercial clients. We created a similar deck targeted at small business owners and managers. Go to the website to find more information on how to put in a bulk order. 


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