Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide For You And Your Clients

2015 Banker Gift Guide Content Marketing Template

It is hard to tickle the cockles of a banker’s heart with a holiday gift mostly because most bankers don’t know where the cockles of their heart are. Contrary to what the press might have everyone believe, we do have them and the reality is they are outsized. Banker’s, as a generalization, are among the nicest, most caring, patriotic and honest as you will find in any industry. This year, as we can personally attest, bankers worked hard putting the industry back on solid footing and we want to give every reader a gift.


However, gift giving to a banker is difficult. They are practical by nature and want very little. Combine the two and the end result is that they are harder to buy for than Angelia Jolie on Mother’s Day. Luckily, we have asked around and have searched far and wide to come up with a set of fun, yet practical gifts that should please even the most difficult to buy for banker. We have collected gifts in all categories and price ranges to hopefully inspire you and save you shopping time this holiday season.

Our 2015 Banker’s Gift Guide can be found HERE.


Oddly, this gift guide is one of our more popular posts with the highest open and click-through rates of the year. Like last year, while not a big gift, as a small token of our gratitude for your readership all year, we make our template available to you. You find the changeable template HERE.


The template is in an easy to use Powerpoint format that you can take, replace the logo, change the gifts if you want and send out to your clients next week using the same approach as we are using here today.  The tactic is always a hit and never fails to engage the reader.


If you have questions on the marketing approach, the historic analytics or the design, please do not hesitate to contact us. Until then, hopefully, you will have the happiest and healthiest of holidays and take joy in being together with the family.


While we will keep writing through the end of the year, before we started to lose people, on behalf of everyone here at CenterState Bank, we want to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas.