A New Feature on LinkedIn That Your RMs are Probably Not Using

Event Networking With LinkedIn

Any relationship manager (RM) that has ever worked a conference knows how frustrating it is to try to track down that one prospect you have wanted to meet or catch up with. While you may have an attendee list, it is also equally frustrating to know who is in the room. This is where LinkedIn comes in with a feature that can revolutionize how you network and get the most out of any given marketing event. In this article, we show you how to leverage the technology to make you the smartest banker in the room.


The Feature


First, make sure you have your Bluetooth turned on your phone and then go to the LinkedIn mobile app you go to the “Network” button. This is the icon that looks like two people standing next to each other. Then go to the radar icon and tap “Find nearby.” Everyone in the vicinity on LinkedIn will then show up if they are on the page. You can then tap who you want and you can either send them a message or ask them to connect with you. 


Linkedin Networking


Often the point of these events is to network. This is an excellent tool to facilitate that networking plus has the advantage of efficiently exchanging a level of information that can’t be found on a business card. You no longer have to worry about losing business cards or forgetting to enter them into your system.


The Killer Aspect of This Feature


In addition, to past employment, education, and activities, you can also instantly see which contacts you mutually share which could be considered the ultimate conversation starter. Having this data at your fingertips, when you need it will help bankers build an instant report with a prospect.


Putting This Into Action


If you have not checked out our LinkedIn Webinar recording, you can do so HERE. In the meantime, the next time you attend a networking event, use the Radar function to bring your networking to the next level.