How To Tackle The Basics On Deposit Marketing [Webinar Recording]

Deposit Marketing

If you are getting up there on loans-to-deposits and you are worried about bringing in more deposits the first question to ask yourself is, are you devoting enough resources to gathering deposits? Do you have a Chief Deposit Officer? Do you compensate for deposits? Do you have an effort around creating new deposit products? Do you have a marketing plan for deposits? The likely answer is “No” to most of those questions, which is why you probably have an issue in deposit generation. In this article, we highlight the webinar that we recently did on marketing for deposits.


A Masterclass in Deposit Marketing


The webinar was a masterclass on the basics of deposit marketing and covered everything from getting your headlines right on your website, to how to generate referral traffic from social media, how to use keywords, how to rank at the top of organic searching, how to partner with influencers and bloggers to generate traffic and much more.


This isn’t just theoretical as the presentation not only contains tons of supporting data, but we give real-life and recent examples, of banks that use these exact techniques to generate billions of dollars in deposits.


Check out the presentation when you have time, you should find at least one idea to make you more money.