How To Grow Deposits With The Latest Marketing Techniques [Webinar]

Growing Deposits

Earlier this week we ran an article on the Price of Attention for Bank Marketing (HERE) and we were inundated with questions about how to pull some of these techniques off. Many bankers wanted to know where to begin with the most common question being - how to apply the “campaign portfolio technique” to something as crucial as loans or deposits? Given the outpouring of emails, we have set up a free 90-minute webinar on June 27th at 2 pm ET for any financial institutions that want to learn these modern, digital techniques. 


What The Webinar Is About


This will be a masterclass in bank marketing. Learn the techniques that CenterState uses and that Brand My Bank teaches other banks to almost double your deposits in the next five years. This will be a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use your website analysis to increase referring traffic, grow organic views, and to jump conversions. We will look at how to leverage social media, influencers, partnerships, YouTube, podcasts, blogs, video, events, display ads, paid search, and remarketing to build franchise value in deposits. This isn’t theoretical, as we will look at an actual case study and recent data. 


If you are a financial institution, in management or marketing, this is a must-attend event as this is what they don’t teach you in banking school or conferences. We will break down the lessons we learned, the mistakes we made, and the successes we have had in order to save you time. We will give you the most practical advice possible so you can put some of these techniques into use right away. Further, this isn’t about brand marketing where you don’t know the effectiveness, all the methods that we will walk-through not only can be quantified but must be quantified in order for your bank to have a clear picture of its return-on-effort and improve deposit building with every campaign.


Don’t miss out. You can miss this webinar, but then you will just be stuck marketing on rate.


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