Here Is Our Relationship Manager Content Training

Using Content in Banking

Everyone loves content. It is likely that you clicked on this article because you were curious about what content we have to offer. Content builds credibility, engagement, brand and amplifies your voice. Content also drives bank sales. Part of the challenge is that few banks train their relationship managers and marketing staff on how to create an effective portfolio of content. In this short article, we highlight a couple of important points on contact and then provide the recording of our recent training video on the topic.


Where to Use Content At Your Bank


Content can and should be used for some different purposes and in a number of places. For us, we use content to shorten the sales cycle, increase prospects, increase cross-sell, jump product usage and to save costs. In order, we use content on our web pages, email/enewsletter, landing pages, and display advertising both online and via mobile.


ROI and Effectiveness


Below is a breakdown of the most popular content pieces that we use, ranked by their return on investment. The chart below breaks down the effectiveness of each content type and highlights the area of the sales funnel that the content is most effective at influencing. The matrix speaks to the need for banks to be focused on their design and use of content to fulfill a specific purpose at the bank. 


Bank Content Effectiveness


Content Training Video


Below is a recording from a recent webinar we conducted with Eric Cook from WSI that walks you through the details of building a strategy including the key tools used for creating attention-grabbing content, the shelf life of various forms of content, leveraging social media, and more.