Here is Our LinkedIn Prospecting Training for Relationship Managers

Bank LinkedIn Training

If the truth is told, most bankers have LinkedIn profiles that are missing the basics. Their photos, lack of keyword usage, fear of putting their contact information online, no personalized URL and unclear capabilities all hinder performance. Now, if you are an introvert that does not have a line function, wants to stay off the grid and is so confident in their job security that there is no need for visibility, then you don’t need to worry about it. However, if you are a relationship manager, then you have a problem. To solve this problem, we recently partnered with Jack Hubbard of St. Meyer & Hubbard, to deliver a LinkedIn basics class to our Relationship Managers.


Why LinkedIn Matters


Consider this – if you are a bank relationship manager responsible for bringing in commercial customers, then you are going to want to use LinkedIn for discovery, call planning, and prospecting. If you click on a prospect’s profile, then chances are they are going to click on yours, and that will likely be their first impression of you. How your profile looks have a large impact on the probability that they will accept your invitation when you choose to connect.


For that matter, how you make introductions, how you post, when you post and how often you post has a large impact on the ease of which you can get customers. While we did a previous class on content (HERE), bankers that start to leverage content will have even greater success.


According to LinkedIn, of the more than 500mm users and more than 250 active monthly users, only three million share content. That is a little over 1% of the active users that are getting nine billion impressions each week. We estimate that less than 0.5% of bankers post content. Our point – it is easy to get noticed on LinkedIn if you know what you are doing. Since more than half of all business-to-business traffic comes from LinkedIn, using the platform effectively is a modern-day skill that all bankers need.


Get Our Training


If your bank’s sales management or marketing department doesn’t provide LinkedIn training, you are welcome to use the one below that we put together. In less than an hour, this class covers all the basics to bring you to the top 20% of our industry. You can learn all the above, about using Sales Navigator, TeamLink, and more.